From 3rd April to 5th April the Bologna Children’s Book Fair took place, an important exhibition that is being held for over 50 years and a crucial hub for all the operators (Authors, Illustrators,

Distributors, Teachers and so on) involved in kid’s content publishing.

AIST participated in the event, as usual bringing the focus on Tolkien’s works and the importance they have in literature studies and

appreciation, even from a young age.

At the ‘Translators Café’ stand, on 4th April early afternoon, a a conference was moderated by R. Arduini, AIST president, who introduced a presentation by G. Canzonieri (AIST essayist and translator) concerning the difficulties in translating Tolkien’s works (different styles for different characters, translation of names, etc.). In addition some very important news was delivered to the large audience: a partnership between AIST and Giunti/Bompiani publishers to republish an edition of The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, with a brand new translation

by L. Gammarelli (AIST essayist and translator).

These are definitely great, long-awaited news for Italian readers, as the previous edition of The Letters (‘La Realtà in traspahas been’) has been out of print for a long time. The new book should hit the shelves

by the end of the year!