Science-Fiction and Fantasy Games dominated E3 this year. Two of the most talked about games of the show have undoubtedly been Cyberpunk 2077 and the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. You can check out their trailers in our recap from earlier in the week, along with the trailer for the divisive new Avengers game from Square Enix. The new Star Wars game was also big news, and you can read more about that here. Here are some of the other trailers and announcements sci-fi and fantasy fans should take note of:

The Elden Ring

Leaking just ahead of E3 its easy to let this lost among more recent announcements. What you need to know is this is a collaboration between From Software [Dark Souls, Bloodborne] and George R. R. Martin [Game of Thrones]. It doesn’t come more fantasy than that. Check out the trailer above.

Breath of the Wild Sequel

Nintendo’s biggest surprise was to announce a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They didn’t really do much more than announce it, but the teaser trailer has enough to start fans speculating.

Dark Crystal Strategy RPG

If you’re a fan of Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal then you’re probably excited for its upcoming Netflix series. If that’s not enough, its also getting a ‘tactics’ game on the Nintendo Switch. We’ll have to see how this one shapes out, but its not like there’s a lot of other Dark Crystal games to choose from.

No More Heroes 3 Announced

Much speculated on, No More Heroes 3 was finally announced. The series is more of a cult hit than a best-seller, but the stylish reveal trailer certainly makes it look appealing. E3 seems to feature a lot of distance release dates and trailers with no sense of gameplay this year, so expect to see more on this nearer release.

Outriders Announcement Trailer

Its not all swords and lazer swords this year. There’s also a lot of post-apocalyptic wastelands and shooting. Its a trailer that seems a little generic with so many other similarly-styled games coming through the pipework, but there are some cool moments in there. Given this is the studio that made Bulletstorm hopefully this will break away from the pack a little once we see the gameplay.

The Mana Series Isn’t Dead

Not only is Trials of Mana getting a full 3D remake launching next year, but Collection of Mana launched digitally after the Direct. The title collects the first 3 entries in the series; Final Fantasy AdventureSecret of Mana and the original Trials of Mana localised for the first time. A limited physical edition is available to pre-order now. Given the first entry is a Game Boy game, the second is on the SNES Classic, and the third is getting a full remake it seems a little hard to justify the £35 price tag for this collection.

Panzer Dragoon Has Been Remade

The Sega Saturn’s futuristic dragon-flying rails shooter has been remade and looks astounding. Its another big surprise that makes us excited to see what else Sega is unleashing from its vault. Could Panzer Dragoon Saga be on the way too?