Wildstar’s latest content drop went live on Wednesday evening and has added a whole new end game zone. So what do you get out of it? Well, if you’ve not yet reached level 50 then the answer is nothing, as it is end game only, but for all you dedicated veterans out there then it comes with an all new quest chain, daily quests, public events and new world bosses. There are a host of new pets and mounts to collect and new armour and weapon sets, including an epic set which can be purchased from the vendor for the zones’ new currency, soulfrost. This new set should make gearing for raids more achievable for the masses, which I think is a great thing, but I know many raid veterans are likely to look on it less favourably, as it risks watering down the game’s hardcore raiding philosophy. But let’s face it, the reason the game’s population is struggling is mainly due to lack of accessibility in the end game.

So, I’ve given the new zone a good explore, and it does look magnificent, but I have to confess that snowy environments are my favourites, so I wasn’t hard to win over by this aspect. Content wise, I have to confess to being a little more disappointed. It was heralded as a drop that would add significantly in terms of content and in my opinion, it doesn’t. There are only about five dailies available each day which take around one hour to complete, at most. Yes, these do cycle each day to avoid getting repetitive, but you can still only complete up to five a day after which you seem to be left running from one 20 man world boss to the next, which spawn almost constantly during peak hours, which gets tired fairly quickly. A lot of the public events that were meant to act as extra quest styled content seem to either reset very slowly or bug out, so most I passed weren’t active. So, as a roundup, it is an impressive looking new zone with plenty of map to explore but for me, at least, there seems to be very little to do in it, at any one time.

To get your hands on all the new collectables, you’ll have a long grinding job ahead of you, but I had hoped for more than just some new incentives to mindlessly grind currency. I can’t help feeling that this zone is a real lost opportunity, as the amount of content available seems to have been whittled down in this zone, in comparison to other end game zones, rather than ramped up.