The indie creative industry is alive and well. Indiegogo or Kickstarter are the perfect places to keep up with the latest projects from new or established creators.

Writer/director Aaron Martinez, has launched a brand new campaign on Kickstarter, to bring his latest project to life, Olive, a post apocalyptic fairy tale about the last man alive and his undernourished Olive tree.

Olive By production Designer Kit Stølen

FB: Aaron, you are a writer and a director. Where did your journey start?
AM: I graduated from film school, twice. I studied two very different approaches to filmmaking. My first film school was formed around Stan Brakhage, a ground breaking experimental filmmaker. My second film school taught classic narrative structure, Hollywood filmmaking. Olive is something in between, it is a tragic story that has a non conventional visual style.

FB: Your current project has a bittersweet side to it, a beautiful rendering of life beyond all odds. What’s the story behind the movie, Olive?
AM: Olive has many parts, it is a love story, it is a moral tale, and has grander themes concerning the environment, they depend on each other. I am most inspired by the impossible love story. I think we all long to be loved in our own way, this man’s isolation really touched me because he was so helplessly in love.

FB: Have you considered the cast already?
AM: Yes, we have a great cast announcement coming this week, someone I am really excited to work with, and everyone loves to see on screen.

Photo from Sara Ross-Samko

FB: Kickstarter is very popular these days. Why did you choose it and how has your experience been?
AM: From the beginning I wanted to approach crowd funding as a showcase for the artists that designed Olive. Running a Kickstarter campaign allows us to incorporate unique artwork as rewards that highlight their individual talents and contribution. So far so good…

FB: Being Kickstarter, there will be perks for backers. What is your favourite perk, and who came up with it?
AM: Personally, I want an Olive shirt, Olive tree, and Photograph from Sara, the cinematographer, but I hope our most popular reward is the Olive tree. It would be a great feeling to know that this film can leave a positive environmental footprint for potentially thousands of years and many generations. I don’t know any other film that can say that…

 We wish Aaron and his crew good luck! And remember, you can find the Olive campaign, here.