HOLY FAGIOLI! It’s been a whirlwind but we made it. The SFFN is one year old!

Fandom touches many lives and most of all it needs volunteers. The SFFN is just like a con: behind the website, the articles and the interviews, there’s a whole workforce of volunteers. Us, those that do ‘not for profit’, but for love.

You followed us so far, so you know we put in the work. We have grown so much in one year, met fantastic new people, visited new places and had the chance to shine a light on talented up and coming artists and writers.

Facebook has officially reached the 900 mark, all genuine, without a penny spent in advertisement for likes – and we are damn proud of that! It means you have come along for the ride with us, because you liked what you saw and because you believe we can bring a little spark to your life.

The SFFN has given us a lot of opportunities, revealing or developing whatever hidden strengths we had inside: we cannot forget that. I am the luckiest girl, surrounded by a team of incredible people, those that have now left and those that are here now.

A huge thanks to the visionary Jay Johnstone and his tech team, Claire Leonard, Dee Lunn and Nathan Squire. And of course to my incredible colleagues: Joel Cornah, Rostislav Kurka and Katie Alford. Finally, the SFFN would not be what it is without our brilliant NetCons: please continue to be part of our journey!

I can’t even imagine where we will be in another year’s time – hopefully here and with more notches under the belt.

Be well, be happy, keep writing and join us (or at least give it a try!)