Henry’s father tells him he will never leave him—then he holds Henry tight and steps into oncoming traffic.

Thus begins the young boy’s perilous journey from being raised by family in San Diego to being held prisoner in a remote farmhouse surrounded by miles of forest, where he finds himself connecting with a strange force and uses that bond to wreak havoc against his captors.

Unknown to the boy, however, is that this ancient being has its own reasons for wanting the interlopers gone—there is something hidden beneath the house, tucked away in the dark, damp root cellar… waiting for its return.

Often compared to Stephen King at peak creepiness, Philip Fracassi’s new novel Child Alone with Strangers comes from Talos Press on 18/10/2022.

“Fracassi’s novel hits me like a cross between McCammon and ’80s King. Might be one of them summer blockbusters readers love.” —Laird Barron, author of Worse Angels

“A Child Alone with Strangers starts out as a slow burn procedural with supernatural elements and inexorably cranks itself into a pulse-pounding symphony of eldritch horrors and all-too-human violence. Philip Fracassi is the best sort of horror writer–one who is unafraid to hunt for light in even the darkest places.” —Shaun Hamill, author of A Cosmology of Monsters

About Philip Fracassi:

Fracassi grew up outside Detroit, MI, but moved away from home as a teenager to live in Chicago, where he managed a rock band. By the time he was of drinking age, he’d decided his future was in the movies, and moved to Los Angeles where he still resides. While holding every job from property master to locations manager, Fracassi continued to hammer out screenplays, award winning short story collections and novels.

The result is a blockbuster lineup of chills and thrills: in addition to A Child Alone with Strangers, Fracassi’s Gothic comes from Cemetery Dance in February and Boys in the Valley, the first of a two-book deal from Tor Nightfire and Orbit UK, arrives in July 2023.

Fracassi’s distinct mix of adrenaline-pumping horror blends pulpy, traditional themes with a distinctly upmarket voice.  Among other accolades, New York Times reviewer Terrence Rafferty said Fracassi “builds his horrific tales slowly and carefully…his powers of description are formidable; and he’s especially skillful at creating, and sustaining, suspense.”

A Child Alone with Strangers: A Novel: Fracassi, Philip: 9781945863745: Amazon.com: Books

A Child Alone with Strangers: A Novel : Fracassi, Philip: Amazon.ca: Books