Snail Games have just posted a new trailer for their upcoming PSVR release Ark Park. Many has this pegged as just an exploration title, a giant dinosaur petting zoo, but this trailer shows a health helping of combat gameplay. Just the prospect of getting up close and personal with a T Rex would have sold it for me and this new trailer has made it appear all the more alluring. There’s no mention as yet, as to how this new combat element sits in the rest of the game or what controllers will be supported, move looks likely from the trailer and the prospect of aim support on top is exciting many fans.

Features already confirmed in previous statements are as follows:

Excursions through the primal landscape by foot, dinosaur or vehicle

Gene collection from more than 100 species using traps, tools and weapons

Collecting of resources and crafting

Photo mode – to capture those perfect moments

Petting zoo – where any genes collected can be viewed

There is no exact release date, as yet, but the game has been announced for a 2017 release, so get your dino riding outfit ready and stock up on supplies, as it looks like it might be a promising trip.