The Sea-Stone Sword is Joel Cornahโ€™s dรฉbut fantasy novel and has already sold hundreds of copies world wide. The tale of a young boy heading out into the world with dreams of becoming a hero, only to turn into a villain, has been out for one year this week!

And in the wake of Jurassic Worldโ€™s success, clearly there is an appetite for worlds of dinosaurs, and The Sea-Stone Sword certainly has plenty of those! Along with pirates, dragons, and penguins.

Author Joanne Hall had a chance to interview Cornah for the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Network. They talked writing, dyslexia, feminism, and more besides! Check it out, and below we have an exclusive contest to win a copy of The Sea-Stone Sword, The Spire of Frozen Fire, and a special edition anniversary poster!

The contest is now closed.