With just under a week to the United States’ Thanksgiving celebrations the traditional (if that’s the word) day of sales, Black Friday, is still a week away. In the UK, where Black Friday is still a recent import, today marks the day the majority of websites have listed their promotions. Its best not to get too caught up in the hype: most Black Friday sales aren’t that good, especially when it comes to games. Many stores just seem to use it as an excuse to push aging releases before Christmas or unload stock that was already reduced. If you were going to buy something anyway, though, its worth taking a look and see if you can snag it while there’s money off. If we take Argos’ offerings as an example, they have an eclectic selection of PS4 games on offer ranging from random to the pretty good but nothing too exciting. In contrast, ff you’re in need of a decent Switch case there’s a variety of official ones with reasonable discounts. Here’s an overview of whats on offer today, with a few highlights.

Sony themselves are taking part, with a highly publicized offer on a Playstation VR starter pack and Astro Bot Rescue Mission for 179.99. Not following VR games much I have to admit Astro Bot Rescue Mission passed me by, but apparently its quite good with polygon.com calling it a ‘killer app’ for the system. If you’ve been thinking of taking the plunge into VR on your PS4 check out the offer here. GAME have seemingly one-upped Sony here as for 179.99 there you can get the same bundle, plus the much lauded Resident Evil 7 and a 2 month Now TV Entertainment pass. They have also bundles with additional controllers so its worth checking out their website as its unlikely these same prices are on offer in their high street stores.

GAME have a strong online offering this year compared to their competitors, which is surprising if you’ve ever checked out their in-store prices. One price reduction worth looking at is a pretty deep discount on StarLink: Battle for Atlas which is down to £44.99 across all platforms. Given how rarely good Switch games get heavily discounted this might be the cheapest you’ll see the Arwing bundle this side of Christmas. Besides this they have a mix of titles with varying reductions across all platforms.

Speaking of the Switch, Amazon have a pretty decent bundle on offer at the minute. For £299.99 you can pick up a Switch console, either version of Pokemon Let’s Go and Just Dance 2019. Its nice to see Pokemon Lets Go being bundled this way so soon as it must be a highly requested gift from Santa this year. While Just Dance 2019 wouldn’t be my pick for a second pack-in title it could definitely be much worse, and seems in-keeping with the family-friendly nature of the deal. Besides, if its not your thing you can always take it over to CEX and get a pretty good trade-in price for it and walk away with 1-2 Switch, Fire Emblem Warriors or even Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy. Amazon don’t really seem have to have much else on offer at the minute, but they’ve adopted the irritating ‘Different Deals Every Day’ approach so it might be worth checking it out daily if you’re looking for something in particular.