The release date for Borderlands 3 is getting closer, with a release date confirmed for 13th September. So what should we expect? Well this instalment is set to go off world and to introduce four new vault hunters:

Moze – The Gunner

Amara – The Siren

FL4K – The Beastmaster

Zane – The Operative

Split screen which has been all but absent from most current generation titles but will be making a comeback in Borderlands 3, so get your couches ready and go out a make some real world friends because they’re about to be useful again.

Aside from the return of split screen co-op, players have been warned to expect some major changes as this title is set to reinvent the Borderlands franchise. What that might mean has not yet been confirmed.

If you can’t wait for Borderlands 3 to get some fresh Borderlands action then a free DLC campaign, Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary, has been released for Borderlands 2, to set up for the next instalment, which is free on all platforms.