Let’s waste some time with these neat apps for your Android device. It is stardate -308285.9452 in the “Next Generation” calculation of time and I have ventured where no man has gone before. Ok, I’m exaggerating – I browsed the playstore.

The “Stardate” free app, brought to you by Clerecsoft in 2014, gives you an easy overview over the current time in the Star Trek universe of your choosing. Touching the icons with the abbreviations on the left gives you some more information about that stardate, holding the icon let’s you export it to your social network of choice.

The “Scientific Sci-Fi Scanner” by Dan Miller-Schroeder turns your smart device into an authentic scanner. Those sweet, nostalgic sounds of scanning a new species (plant, stone, whatever) fill your ears while your scanner does its work. While the free app offers only three modules for you, the pro version, available for 3,72 Euro, allows you to scan the weather, offers information on solar wind plasma readings directly from a satellite or displays device-relative magnetometer readings. All updates and features added in the future are inclusive, so I personally can only recommend the purchase.

“Star Trek ToDo Agenda” by Stanlm is a calendar and organiser. Including a function to write down memos and a calculator, this app is a stylish tool to organise your private appointments. You can choose to be reminded of your schedule from 5 minutes to an hour before. The graphic is retro and gives you an authentic “Star Trek” feeling. The sound gets a little annoying after a while and since your entries are spiced up with automatic appointments like “Repair warp engine” or “Fight Klingon ship” it isn’t really suitable to keep track of your business appointments.

If you have some time to spare and enjoy chess or strategy games you definitely should try Mr Spock’s favourite pastime and indulge yourself with a round of “Tri D Chess”, brought to you byAwfSoft. Possible options for moving your pieces are marked in yellow, if one of your pieces is directly threatened itis marked orange and if you are able to take one of your opponent’s figures the optionis shown in red. This makes the game relatively easy to learn for beginners. For those already experienced with “Tri D Chess” all help can be turned off, so that computer suggestions don’t inhibit your strategy and the difficulty can be chosen as well. The game can be played as a single player against the computer, or against a second human player. The design is clean and simplistic, colours can be set to your personal preferences. A really addictive game!

And last but not least: the “Star Trek Puzzle Game” by Vector. This is the perfect killer for boredom while you are waiting for your bus. Your job is to recreate Trek themed wallpapers that have been split into 12 pieces. It’s simple fun, but not all puzzles are easy either, so you don’t get bored too fast, and the ones you finish are available as wallpapers free for your use. I really love this game.

The weekend is upon us, so I hope you are going to have some fun with one or more of these five enjoyable Trek apps.