The news about “The Mandalorian” live action series haven’t yet properly settled in, and Disney has already announced other Star Wars live action TV series in the works. This time, with Diego Luna as Cassian Andor, the Rebel agent from Rogue One.

Just like the previously announced series, this will be streamed on Disney’s own channel. The series’ release date hasn’t yet been revealed, but it is supposed to go into production in 2019 (“The Mandalorian” is expected during the same year, so perhaps we’ll see “Cassian” sometime in 2020).

…and K-2SO?

Nothing more is known about the story at this moment. It has been announced that the theme will be the adventures and espionage conducted by Cassian before the events of Rogue One. It is therefore fair to assume the unscrupulous droid K-2SO (played by Alan Tudyk in Rogue One) might make an appearance as well. His and Cassian’s initial encounter has been already covered in one of Star Wars comics, but it doesn’t mean that the scene couldn’t be re-created from a slightly different perspective for the purpose of the series (besides, the comic presents it fairly briefly).

“These Are Dark Times…”

One can very well expect the series to have somewhat darker, more grim tone. I am not sure if I am hundred percent happy about this, because it seems to be the trend of majority of contemporary series to be dark, gloomy, if not outright violent and/or nihilistic. Disney seems to be jumping on what looks like a global trend. I had enjoyed the different, grittier atmosphere in Rogue One, but I hope that I am mistaken and “Cassian” will remain true to Star Wars’ generally hopeful, positive and not excessively violent spirit.

Some darker tint is to be expected by default, however: in Rogue One, Cassian starts as an unscrupulous “end-justifies-the-means” person and only later his moral side is shown. He is introduced as someone who doesn’t shy away from killing and assassinating if situation calls for it. Plus, the time before the rise of the Rebellion is dark as it is. Nothing against that, I only hope the series won’t be too “grimdark”, as if Disney wanted to placate those of its fans who haven’t been content with its recent releases.

The Texture of Jabba At Last?

My chief wish, however, is that Cassian Andor gets to meet – and touch – Jabba the Hutt. Those who have been following Diego Luna’s interviews know that he’s been obsessed with discovering what “the texture of Jabba” feels like for years. Maybe the time has come to pick up this old petition requesting Disney to let him do that. (A fan has attached a helpful compilation of all interviews where Diego Luna has been talking about Jabba.) If Cassian, during his adventures in the criminal underworld, couldn’t do at least one mission to Jabba’s palace, I would consider it a waste.