This was the Call 2021:

“Writers are invited to engage with a fictional character of choice from any of Tolkien’s works who is not part of The Lord of the Rings’ Fellowship. Though they can be characters of LOTR.

Friends, foes or neutral; dead or undead; divine beings, beasts (of the mythical or animal variety), or other. We welcome all. Bill the Pony, though undoubtedly an honorary member of the Fellowship at least according to Sam, is – for our purposes – fair game.

The purpose of this Call for Papers aims, on the one hand, at bringing to the fore more of Tolkien’s characters who do not receive the same attention as the Fellowship. On the other hand, we want to tackle these less appreciated characters in new ways, and in the light of a contemporary sensibility.”

Amie Angèle Brochu (Canada) “Steward of Trees and Forests: Treebeard’s Symbolic Role in Folklore, Environmental Protection and Eco-Critical Awareness”

Scott Chaussée (USA) “The Last Prince of Cardolan: Memory and mediation in the mortuary archaeology of Middle-earth”

Catherine A. Coundjeris (USA) “Éowyn as Light Bearer”

A J Dalton (UK) “What is so fabulous about Smaug?”

Brendan Dyer (USA) “Glorfindel: Tolkien’s Intertextual Link Between The First And The Third Age”

Jyrki Korpua (Finland) “Master of Fate, yet by fate mastered” – Tolkien’s Túrin Turambar and Kalevala’s Kullervo”

Elise Caemasache McKenna (USA) “The Dyscatastrophe of Túrin Turambar”

Angela P. Nicholas (UK) “Finrod Felagund: His Life, Influence and Legacy”

Enrico Spadaro & Mauro Toninelli (Italy) “The Gaffer: between cabbages and potatoes”

Renée Vink (Netherlands) “Tal-Elmar and the Unrepresented Natives of Middle-earth”

Dawn Walls-Thumma (USA) “Cartography of a Character: On (Re)Writing Nerdanel”

The book will be out in summer 2022, and readers can follow updates on Luna Press monthly newsletter.

There will be more details about the papers and the contributors, in the coming months.