On the 1st of December 2017, Italian writer Daniele Azara joined the Luna Press family with his debut YA Fantasy, Children of Mu. The book was translated from the Italian: Daniele launched this title with Astro Edizioni in Italy. The book will be released on Thursday 18th of April at Eastercon Ytterbium. Children of Mu is an adventurous urban fantasy, delving into the mythology of Atlantis and Mu, with themes of loss, friendship, honour and sacrifice.

“CoM was born to answer a single question: why are human beings the only unhappy animal on Earth? Studying anthropology, I knew that the answer lay in the continuous battle between nature and culture.

As a professional creative, I just decided to re-write history in order to give a personal answer to it. The result is a realistic-fantasy book in which our everyday life is ruled by forces we aren’t able to understand. And it’s all about human beings, nature, and all the mysteries from our past that scientists can’t explain.”