Book IV of Elizabeth Priests’ Troutespond Series, Clockwork Dragon, is now available.

BSFA Shortlist artist, Bede Rogerson, has created another gorgeous cover for the new instalment of the Teen Fantasy series.

If you don’t know this magical series, you should catch up with the first 3 books – the bundle is cheaper as well!

About Concrete Faery – Book I:

When it comes to fantasy, the world is always bigger than you think it is… Even when you live in the smallest town in the deepest corner of the country where, by official records, nothing has happened since Vikings stopped pillaging nearby. Ally Guardian is convinced that the universe wanting anything to do with her is a cosmic joke. Until a strange man appears outside her window and tells her, “I can’t speak to you yet.” Things only get weirder when she is then implicated in a demonic attack on her history teacher and given the new girl, Alana Larbie, to look after as punishment. Alana seems to know an awful lot about demons, claiming they got her kicked out of her old school. Together with Ally’s oldest friend Tanya, and their one “normal” friend, Teb, they decide to investigate.    The Troutesponde Series is a YA fantasy, working on the premise that if the supernatural did exist, inquisitive teenagers would be the first to notice, and absolutely the worst people ever to interact with it.

About Clockwork Dragon – Book II:

Tanya, Alana, Teb and Ally are celebrating their exam results and planning for an exciting future ahead. The trouble with living in Troutespond though, is that no matter what your plans are, the town will make its own for you.

A secret cult of red-robed figures is skulking around town, the Piper has been banished, the dead are reappearing, and being volunteered for human sacrifice seems to be the order of the day. There’s plenty of magic, of course. And a dragon!

About the author:

Elizabeth Priest is a fantasy writer living in Hastings, the UK. Obsessed with chasing fairies since early childhood, she has a History, Literature & Creative Writing BA from the University of Chichester, where she spent a great deal of her time attending free lectures on folklore and mythology to round out the corners on her quest, and has been working on the Troutespond series of YA novels ever since.

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