Clockwork Sister is the sixth release in the Luna Novella series by Luna Press Publishing. It is a pocket-size series of speculative novellas, ranging from SF to fantasy via all their sub-genres.

About the Novella:

Aeon is a simulacra, a creation of flesh, clockwork and magic designed to protect their original humans from the deadly attacks of curse-workers.

She is an identical copy of her original, Mara, eighth princess of the Tamyin Empire, except for the brands and seals that mark her as artificial.

When Mara dies of natural causes, Aeon expects to be killed. After a botched attempt to euthanise her, she is taken in by a family of rogue simulacra living in the city slums.

When one of their number dies after injecting a dose of a serum that allows simulacra to change their bodies, Aeon is worried that someone is targeting rogues. A trail of discoveries unearths a deadly conspiracy, where friends and enemies are no longer what they seem.

M.E. Rodman writes LGBT+ fantasy with a dark edge and occasional stories of horror and the uncanny. Their short fiction has appeared in Anthologies; Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion, The Dark Half of the Year, Goddesses of the Sea and A Picture’s Worth and online at Expanded Horizons and Zetetic, a Record of Unusual Inquiry. They have reviewed books for Vector, Prismand A short story ‘The Selkie; A Tale of Love, Obsession and the Sea,’ was adapted and performed as a live radio play for the Sanctum Project in 2015.

They have an MA in Creative Writing from Edinburgh Napier and are a current guest editor for Fantasia Divinity Publishing. They live near Glasgow, with their partner, child, a dog the size of a cat, and a cat the size of the dog.

Clockwork Sister will be released on the 24th of February, and is available to order here.