For years I worked in the field of costume making. Among the most important aspects of reproducing a historical costume, or one for Cosplay, are inspiration and good visuals. In these series of reviews, I will introduce and explore known and lesser known designers every month, bringing their work to your attention. Have fun and don’t forget to follow the white rabbit at the end! I don’t believe that there is a Star Wars cosplayer out there who has not seen or at least heard about this site. And if not? Here is your chance. This site was founded in 2000, originally to give a new domain to an Episode II devoted website and as a tribute to Star Wars, of course. It was also as a tribute to the costume designers (i.a.Trisha Biggar, Iain McCaig, Dermot Power) who created the stunning and unique look of the Star Wars universe. You can find Padme Amidala´s robes and her Handmaidens’; Leia’s Wardrobe; Senators, Sith, Jedi, the Imperials and the Rebels. And if this was not enough they offer sewing tips and plenty links to find more resources. Enjoy a search between the deep core and the outer rim. You can also find a sister site called Costumers Guide were you can find even more research material from sci-fi, fantasy, to different historical movie costumes. To accurately recreate an original movie costume, you have to do a lot of research which requires not only screen shots but also exhibition pictures and “how-tos”. This site was founded in 2005 to lift the amount of traffic on her sister site (Padawans Guide). The Costumers Guide doesn’t show every single movie costume, but it has enough to keep you going; additionally, you can find links to different shops for fabrics, trims and patterns. I personally work with this site a lot to get more information about details and research material. Nowadays there are many more sites offering rather similar ideas, but I also think that many people out there couldn’t have done their work without this particular site and the research offered there. Thanks for that. Follow the white rabbit to Padawan’s Guide. Follow the white rabbit to Costumers Guide.