At this year’s Fantasycon I got to interview Ellen Croshain, author of the haunting and devilish Cruelty, published by Kristell Ink. The book came out this year and has already garnered some attention across the web for its strange nature, its creepy tones, and the deep magic that leaps right out of Irish mythology.


Once a year, in the caves deep below the house, the Family gathers to perform a ritual to appease their god.

But Faroust only accepts payment in blood. Eliza MacTir, youngest daughter of a powerful Irish family, was born into fae gentry without the magical gifts that have coursed through the Family’s veins for millennia; she was an outcast from her first breath.

Desperate for freedom, Eliza’s flight from rural Ireland is thwarted by the Family’s head of security. The only weapon she has to fight her captor is her own awakening sexuality. Drawn into the world of magic and gods, Eliza must find a way to break free, even if it means breaking the hearts of those she loves, and letting her own turn to stone.

Cruelty, it runs in the Family.

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