There’s a new Cthulhu art book in town, and you can win a free copy courtesy of Peter Andrews and Luna Press Publishing. Come and delve into the horrifyingly adorable world of GREAT OLD ONES, ELDER GODS and MONSTERS FROM NAMELESS CAVERNS to learn about their utterly alien feelings, hobbies, favorite places, foods and other facts that man was not meant to know.

KL: “The Things That Should Not Squee” has hit the stores, to the delight of Cthulhu Mythos fans. When did HP Lovecraft become an inspiration to your creativity?
PA: I got into general fantasy thanks to the Baldur’s Gate videogames, which in turn led me to read RA Salvatore’s The Legacy. In that book, there is an encounter between Wulfgar, a great barbarian hero, and a Yochlol, a tentacled, amorphous demon. The futility of that fight was such a huge change of pace from the earlier goblin-hewing, it inspired me to look for similar stories, where I found the works of Lovecraft and other mythos writers.

Artist Peter Andrews

KL: You are responsible for both the art and text of the book, but would you describe yourself as more of an artist or a writer?
PA: I am primarily an artist. Pictures are little projects, self-contained. Whenever I write, I usually lose confidence in the story/world/characters I am making. I am amazed by people who can push through this, and actually put finger-to-keyboard and create fantastical stories out of nothing. They are true wizards.

KL: Although Cthulhu is probably the most recognisable, even famous if you like, of the mythos, which one is your favourite? You have drawn 30 for this book!
PA: My favourite monster is the Hounds of Tindalos created by Frank Belknap Long. Many of the creatures of the mythos, even Great Cthulhu himself, are rooted in terms of location and time (from the frozen vastness of space, hibernating for unknowable epochs, etc.), while the Hounds exist beyond these very human concepts, which makes them profoundly alien and terrifying to me.

KL: What’s next for you?
PA: I will be working with Luna Press Publishing on a colouring book version of The Things That Can Not Squee.

KL: I understand that there is a special monster Christmas card waiting for those who buy the book through Luna Press Publishing. We saw it and loved it, but then again, we are a bit like Cartman/Cthulhu ourselves… Most people wouldn’t really put “sledge” and “Santa” in the same sentence as ‘Hastur, The King in Yellow”! Why him?
PA: I wish I could say it was a literary reason, but it was mostly a dad joke. That and the fact that he looks very dapper in his winter finery.

The Things That Should Not Squee is out now! To receive your free digital Christmas card from the author, buy your copy from Luna Press Publishing! And now enter the giveaway for your chance to win a free copy of the book!

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