An ‘anti-RPG’ from 1997, Moon, has just been announced for the Nintendo Switch in late August. It’s tough to predict what is going to be ported in this day and game. Lot’s of ‘hidden gems’ and fan favourites have been given a surprise second outing as digital re-releases. Games like SpongeBob: Battle for Bikini Bottom command a hefty price on their original system so opening them up to a wider audience seems a no-brainer. It’s worth pointing out this is the first time the game has been released in English – that essentially makes it brand new for many of us. Even so, the release of Moon might seem a bit of a surprise.

Originally released on the Playstation Moon‘s status as an anti-RPG seems based on its core concept. The game is about loving instead of combat – the heroes in this world aren’t great guys. It’s a concept that I think will resonate with players of the hugely popular Undertale. I wouldn’t be surprised if the popularity of Undertale was a factor in why they thought this game might find a bigger audience second time around. The trailer boasts of the games ‘colourful’ cast of characters, and that players level up by ‘loving’ instead of fighting. A big decisive factor here will be how well the humour translates – both across continents and across 2 decades. Pricing will be another crucial point for many. I’d happily spend somewhere up to £10 to experience the novelty alone. To part with more than that I’d need to see some high review scores.

The trailer does a great job of showing what makes the game interesting. Where I’d suggest it is not as successful is in making it look fun. It clearly understood the genre of RPGs in 1997, but since then there’s been such a variety. A game where you befriend people and get to know them just sounds like something you have to do in an RPG. Find out for yourself when Moon: Remix RPG Adventure arrives August 27th on Nintendo Switch