It’s been a long wait, and a far longer wait then first intended with the original launch due to be in April 20, but with only days to go it seems this title is finally nearing its launch. Developed by CD Projekt Red, the team behind The Witcher games, this title is a highly anticipated new IP. Cyberpunk 2077 is an action roleplaying game where players will be able to create and modify their own characters. The game will be in first person view and will be set in an open world cityscape, Night City. The map ranges across six regions with day-night cycles and dynamic weather.

For those of you who have already made the jump to PS5 or XboxSeries X/S you might sad to find that the new consoles are not yet supported, but it’s not all bad news. It has been confirmed that the PS4 and Xbox One versions come with free upgrades to the new generation console versions which are due to release in 2021, so you can play now and upgrade for free later. Of course, with the original release having been delayed three times it’s anyone’s guess as to when the new generations versions will release.

Whichever platform you ultimate choose to play it on, one thing which is almost certain is that this is a title that shouldn’t be missed and should bring a difficult year to a satisfying close.