Red Hook Studios today announced that the sequel to their dark, brooding, roguelike dungeon crawler is in development. The original game, Darkest Dungeon, was an Indie hit back 2016 and made into my top games list for the year. I’ve devoted many hours to the original and buried many an unfortunate adventurer. It seems the time may be approaching for me to bury a few more.

The sequel leaves the village setting of the first instalment and ventures beyond the estate boundaries. This time it would appear the unfortunate adventurers will be battling snow, mountains, monsters and insanity to fight against the oncoming supernatural apocalypse.

The studio’s team has reported jumped from the five members, who made the original title, to fourteen with more recruitment planned. There’s little doubt, the sequel will be bigger, better, and even more polished than the original. It’s expected that all the previous classes will return with six, at least, featuring in the released teaser trailer. The game will be released first in early access, giving players a chance to feedback and shape the direction of development, like with the original title.

The first Darkest Dungeon is without doubt an indie gaming classic. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the early access release of the sequel. So shovels on standby, and if you want to know more then you can sign up here to Red Hook Studio’s mailing list.