When THQ went bankrupt at the end of 2012 the future looked bleak for the Darksiders franchise with fans effective waving goodbye to the hope of a sequel but after five years, finally, the fans have a reason to rejoice as Nordic Games, the now owner of the IP, have announced the third Darksiders installment.

The game is in production with a slated release in 2018, so I’m afraid it’s still some time to wait but better late than never right? This new installment will be set in one big open world and is reported to have later areas view able in the distance, a little like the Dark Souls games where you can look out from vantage points and see areas you have or haven’t been yet on the horizon, which is a great incentive to explore.

In Darksiders 3 we’ll be playing as Fury, a mage who uses her whip and magic to battle through Heaven, Earth and Hell in her quest to hunt down and destroy the seven deadly sins. The game returns to an apocalyptic earth reclaimed by nature and dilapidated by war and decay. Feel free to take a look at the announcement trailer above. The early signs looks promising for this long awaited sequel.