Days Gone, an action-adventure survival horror, is the latest PS4 exclusive to hit the shelfs. The game is set in an open post-apocalyptic world, two years after a pandemic swept the world, killing most of humanity and transforming millions into mindless nocturnal zombies called Freakers. Previous exclusives, like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War, have left the expectation bar high, which according to many critic’s reviews, Days Gone fails to live up to. However, in terms of player reviews, the game seems to be fairing better with many praising its visuals, gameplay and dynamic weather.

The main character, Deacon St John, loses his wife during the early stages of the pandemic. The main story has him riding the zombie infested landscape, looking for clues as to her fate/ whereabouts. Reviews have criticised the game for having an unfocused and meandering storyline and for containing repetitive, grindy missions and buggy gameplay. However, many do also praise the motorbike riding and customisation and the feel of the combat, particularly the horde battles. Many players also enjoy the crafting system and open world aspects.

While reviews are mixed, Days Gone seems to be a decent, but not exceptional, addition to Sony’s exclusive line up. Sony has, to date, spoiled us with the insanely high quality of their exclusives, and Days Gone’s main failing seems to be not quite living up to that elevated expectation. So, is it worth picking up? Well, if you are a fan of open world, survival adventures then this does seem to be a solid title to invest in. If this genre isn’t normally your cup of tea, it might be worth giving it a miss or waiting it to drop in price, as it doesn’t appear to be a genre breaking hit.