For this tutorial,  you do NOT have to use the hot water method, so it doesn’t take so long!

In the first picture you can see that the wig has been worn often. What you don’t see is that it’s all knotted underneath. So the first thing to do is to brush brush brush until every knot is gone. Please be careful doing that, it may take a long while (our ponytail here took about an hour to brush) After brushing, the wig becomes all frizzy. Now, here is where our real tutorial start. Lay the wig on a towel and gently iron it. Use the lowest temperature and don’t forget to take a single streak to test the wigs heat resistance out. If it works, the hair should be very soft when warm. Brush the wig. The frizz will go away if you do that for some time and you can also pull on the hair a little, to fasten the progress. After ironing the wig – and when you’re satisfied with the result – hang the wig on a stand and brush it again.

Last step is braiding the wig! This is necessary, if you don’t want your wig to tangle while not using it!

Thanks to TempiLina Cosplay for this nice and useful Tutorial.