Following my preview article of Din’s Legacy back in March, I have stopped by to take another look and see how development is shaping up. The game is still in Alpha but many new features have been added and several bugs fixed.

Some of the more noticeable additions are the addition of new NPCs to the player’s town, Warmaster, Steward and Apothecary. I’ve already had some additional quests off them, so they are well worth chatting to.

My favourite addition is the new explorer mode which can be activated in the area set up screen. This reduces the number of monsters which spawn and makes world exploration much faster. It does also make the game easier. However, you can use it in conjunction with a raised difficulty level if you want less mobs but no reduction in the overall difficulty.

I, personally, have been quite enjoying the game on normal with the explorer mode active. It feels rather zen like. I quite enjoy exploring the randomly generated maps with less dread of being mobbed. However, if full on dread and panic is your cup of tea then an overrun mode has also been added which does the opposite, increasing the number of spawned mobs. If you happen to be a veteran player and even the highest difficulty level doesn’t challenge you anymore, then perhaps this mode is for you.

A number of class and achievement unlocks have also been added recently. I’ve already noticed new classes popping up on my character build screen, after just a few hours of play and there are plenty of classes to unlock, to keep you going.

Considering it’s only been a few months since I first played the game, a lot has been added and everything does seem to be running smoother, as a result of all the recent bug fixes. That being said, even back in March, I didn’t experience any game breaking bugs. Just a few little annoyances which have since been fixed. Like the suicidal NPC bug where party members would sprint off screen at a horde of unseen monsters and aggro the lot. I have only lost the one NPC this session which was my fault for aggroing something I shouldn’t have.

My party members now aggro noticeably slower and only after I’ve seen the mobs at the side of the screen, giving me enough time to change direction, should I choose not to engage. Development for this title seems to be progressing very well, both in terms of polish and added features. If you haven’t bought it yet and you like action RPGs then it’s well worth a play. Even in its current Alpha build, you get a lot of playtime for your money.