Apart from some few lows (Into the Woods) most of the Disney movies should be in everyone’s dvd or blu-ray shelf. They are entertaining for everyone! And Cinderella is no exception.
Of course you know the main points of the story, a young girl – Ella – has a lovely father who marries a cold-blooded woman with two daughters. After the father’s death, Ella becomes the servant for her stepmother and step sisters who call her “Cinderella”. But when she meets Kit there seems to be light on the horizon.

Yeah I know – it’s predictable (honestly is there somebody out there who doesn’t know this story?) and from time to time also a bit kitschy – BUT WHO CARES? This movie is about dreams, about wanting something with all your heart, about moral. I really adore Kenneth Brannagh who seems to be an all-rounder on directing every kind of material. The fairy tale is almost perfect, not exaggerated and with a wonderful close look on the figures. There are some differences to the classic version but they don’t disturb the storyline, on the contrary, they make it fresh and entertaining.

The cast is wonderful – most notably with the awesome and great Cate Blanchett. She’s the perfect Lady Tremaine and you could never imagine another actress playing her better than lovely Cate. What can you say about Helena Bonham Carter other than twisted, crazy and absolute fun? You can see that she had a lot of fun playing the fairy godmother and I bet you’ll have fun watching her. I was really impressed by the way that Lily James represents Cinderella as the pure good, beautiful, kind-hearted (and also clever) girl. You might think it’s too much and exaggerating but no – it just fits the movie so well. Apart from some posing of Lily James which are more ballet-like she’s the best Cinderella you could imagine.

Whenever you watch a Disney movie you can be sure to get wonderful costumes, awesome dresses for the girls (even I wanted to wear the pink one, though I really HATE pink) and just lots of fairy tale elements. The goose becoming the coachman, mice becoming horses and a pumpkin becoming a carriage – I LOVE IT!

Do you know Patrick Doyle? Well you should because he’s an excellent composer who has already made some great scores (Merida, Thor). For Cinderella he came up with a lovely mix of classic and soulful tunes which match the movie but can’t compete with the soundtrack for Merida or Thor. Be sure to check out “Strong” which is my absolute favorite song of the movie.
All in all Kenneth Brennagh did an excellent job with “Cinderella” – the movie is except for the average soundtrack and some annoying posing of Lily James, almost perfect with a big attention to detail. A joy for every age.

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