While it has been known to be in the works for a long time now, BioWare have finally, formally announced the next game in the Dragon Age franchise, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. Little is known of it at this stage other than it being set in Tevinter, an area not visited in previous titles. The title “Dreadwolf” indicates that the storyline carries on from the previous instalment, Inquisition. For those that haven’t played the previous game, I’m not going to post any spoilers here. However, those who did complete it, will already have an idea of where that might lead in the next title.

As much as I have enjoyed the previous Dragon Age games, following the news of the recent production problems within the developer, reports of bad working conditions, long hours and hard crunch periods in the production of other games. I Won’t be pre ordering Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, just because I don’t feel the same trust, I used to have, in receiving good quality, polished and tested games. I would rather wait until the reviews come out to make my decision.

That being said, the initial glimpses do look promising. Feel free to check out the new cinematic trailer above or the 2020 teaser trailer below if you want to know more.