Director Mike Clarke and Paul Gerard throw their full talent and passion behind upcoming fantasy feature film Dream Finder. Between them known for Exhibits, Shannara Chronicles and Wrath of the Titans amongst many others. Up and coming talented Director Mike Clarke, known for Exhibits, Paper and Plastic with Anthony Quinlan and Loves innocence lost, just signed a deal to join independent production “Dream Finder”. Produced by Clouded Sight Pictures Ltd and based on the fantasy novel written by Roger Taylor.

“Paul Gerrard is a conceptual visionary who consistently produces work of mind bending originality” Miles Millar : The Shannara Chronicles

Paul is a visionary artist whose work has been commissioned by many major film and TV studios. He is renowned for striking originality, developing iconic visuals and design work for some of the most successful franchises in the industry. Including TMNT, Wrath of the Titans and the hit landmark fantasy show The Shannara Chronicles. David Christopher-Turner one of the producers behind Dream Finder said: “The moment I met Mike and Paul I knew they just had to join the team. What this pair could deliver would be a real game changer for Dream Finder.” Dream Finder is a high concept, epic fantasy feature film, based on the successful novel written by Roger Taylor, published in 1992. Dealing with issues such as religion and capitalism, all centered around rich cultural backdrops and out of this world dreamscapes. The movie Dream Finder, produced by Clouded Sight Pictures Ltd, moves into pre-production. The first commercially available poster has been unveiled (above), and it was designed by Paul Gerrard (Shannara Chronicles, Wrath of the Titans, Hellraiser). Work now commences on bringing in a crew and cast that will do the epic story justice. Producer David Christopher-Turner: “The quality and vision is there, we just need to get that on the screen now, let the games begin.” Mike Clarke talented Director and a man with a vision had this to say about the new project Director Mike Clarke: “Since I initially spoke to the producers and then read the novel by Roger Taylor, I have been excited to start production on Dream Finder. The story is full of fantasy, war, politics and great characters. I believe movie fans will love it.”