After a long wait, fans are finally close to getting their hands on the action RPG, survival game, Dying Light 2 Stay Human which is being released on 4th February. The sequel to the 2015 title Dying Light was first due for release back in 2020 but was delayed first to December 21 and then to 4th February 22. Set in a zombie infested open world, the title follows a new protagonist, Aidan, and is set in the last remaining human settlement, The City. The player is free to explore the city high and low using Aidan’s parkour skills both in exploration and combat.

As the game progresses, the player’s choices will shape the city as the power balances shift based on the player’s influence. With multiple factions at play, the players influence can open and close off sections of the city, depending on which factions they aid and hinder. The game includes a crafting system allowing the player to craft and upgrade items and a reported 3000 parkour animations to facilitate fluid free running. As with the first game players can also choose to engage in 2-4 player co-operative play which can also allow them to visit the cities of other players which may have evolved in different ways. For more information feel free to check out the trailers above.