The epic games storeโ€™s current and upcoming free games are Rebel Galaxy available now until 19th August at 4pm and Yooka-Laylee available from 19th to the 26th of August. For more information on each game feel free to check out the trailers below:

Rebel Galaxy

A space combat and trading game originally released in 2015. The game takes place in a procedurally generated universe. Players can complete the story line activities or are free to engage in acts of piracy, trading or bounty hunting. The games soundtrack includes licensed titles from various blues rock and country rock bands.


A platform game released in 2017 made to emulate the 3D platform games of the 90s. The player controls chameleon and a bat in an adventure through worlds contained in magic books. The aim of the game is to recover a magical books stolen by an evil corporation. The game received mixed reviews on release, mainly due to its deliberately dated gameplay. If you loved the old 3d platformer classics like Spyro, Croc and Banjo-Kazooie then you might just want to give this title a try.