The society of the Ren’s homeland, Alathia, is formed by The Teachings, lessons taught by Kah’Nath teachers to children. There are no books, apart from those which the Kah’Nath keep safe in their headquarters. Stories are passed along verbally and below you can read the creation of the world.

An almighty roar echoed through the nothingness of The All as the ill-tempered Nardaeth and his father, a fierce and relentless God, clashed in a whirling sphere of fire. The battle raged for a hundred years and when quiet returned to The All, the father lay mortally wounded before Nardaeth’s feet. When his twin sister, Nirith, saw what had happened, her heart overflowed with sadness and she leaned down to kiss her father goodbye. With his last breath he expressed his love for his daughter, who was ever his favourite, for the first and final time and bade her make some good come of his demise.

Nirith then took his heart, breathed fire into it and placed it in the sky as a bright burning star to bring light and warmth to The All. She shaped his remains into the World and placed it at the centre of The All. And from his final loving breath she created the First of the Earth People, Mahri, bringing immortal life to the World. Then she turned away from her brother and avowed that she did not want to ever see him again. Burdened by guilt Nardaeth moved to the other side of the World and into the shadows of his sister’s new sun so that the two would never meet.

He took with him his father’s black armour and shaped it into the halls of the Underworld. He harvested a solitary tear of his own, shed in grief, and placed it as a pale shining sphere in the dark shadow sky of The All. And from his father’s blood, spilled in battle, he created the Second Earth People, Man, bringing mortal life to the World. And so the Twin Gods of Light and Darkness ruled The All and maintained a balance for the World. At the beginning of every day, Nirith rekindles her beloved Sun, and at the end of every day Nardaeth takes it to the Underworld and sets the Moon to light up the sky in its place. And the World was good for many Times.

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The Story So Far:

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