Here is a list of the Bubbleheads in alphabetical order, their permanent effects, and where to find them. They are just like Pokemons … you gotta catch them all!

Agility. This BH will grant a permanent Agility +1. It’s on the wreck of the SMS Northern Star: once on board go towards the edge of the bow of the ship, on a wooden platform.

Barter. Prices improve of 5%. You’ll find this in Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery: find the assembly room and the catwalks, follow them up and around until you reach the metal catwalk hut of the main room of this building.

Big Guns. If you love heavy weapons this BH will give you 25% more critical damage. It’s located in Vault 95: you need to reach the northest most room in the living quarters, on a radio, between the two couches.

Charisma. It does just that – Charisma +1. It’s home is the Parsons State Insane Asylum. In order to get access, the Jack Cabot quest chain must be started. Follow him into his office, and you’ll see the BH on his desk.

Endurance. Exactly what is says on the tin – Endurance +1. You must go to Poseidon Energy: in the central chamber, there is a metal desk in the central metal catwalk hut – it’s on it.

Energy Weapons. This one gives you a 25% critical damage with energy weapons. It’s in Fort Hagen, in the kitchen area of the command center section. You’ll find it on a small table, between two fridges.

Explosive. If you want to do 15% more damage with explosives, you need to go to Saugus Ironworks. Once in the Blast Furnace area, which can be reached via destroyed catwalks, look for the computer attached to the steamer – the BH is there.

Intelligence. Another +1 for your skills, this time in the Boston Public Library, on the second floor. From the northwest corner of the library, reach the mechanical room and you’ll find it on the computer bank.

Lockpicking. If this is your dream job, then go no further and get this BH for easier lockpicking action. You must go to the Pickman Gallery, in the place where Pickman himself is held up by raiders. Go to the lowest levels of the Gallery and look on the ground between the brick pillars in the center of the room.

Luck. To grab this +1 BH, you need to go to Spectacle Island. It’s on a green tugboat, to the south of the island, sitting in a locker next to the steamer trunk.

Medicine. With this BH stimpacks heal 10% more damage. It’s in Vault 81, Currie’s office, on the desk. The elevator will take you down there.

Melee. 25% critical damage with melee weapons. It’s in Trinity Tower, a regular gunfire-fest location. Once you make it all the way up to the top, you’ll find Rex and Strong (my fave pack-mule) held captive in a cage. Free them but don’t forget the BH.

Perception. A +1 on this skill. It’s in the Museum of Freedom. Once you survive the bullet-fest and reach Preston Garvey (soon to be your next best friend), you’ll find the BH on a metal desk.

Repair. Fusion Cores last longer – hurray! Go to the Corvega Assembly Point, make your way to the roof following the blue catwalks; it’s on the top exterior gantry.

Science. if you hate hacking terminals as much as I do, this BH gives you an extra shot. It’s in Vault 75, Malden Middle School. You have to reach the basement level 3, then look for a desk that is overlooking the underground diner area.

Small Guns.  The opposite of Big Guns, but with a similar effect: +25% critical damage with small guns. It’s in Gunners Plaza. Aim for the room marked “On the Air”. If you have a Master Lockpick ability, you can access the BH on the broadcast desk inside.

Sneak. This BH makes you 10% harder to detect, except if you fart. The little fella is in Dunwich Borers, deep within the caves. Once you make it past the Ghouls committee, head for the metal post terminal for area 4, and you’ll find it on a small table.

Speech. This wasteland’s vendors are often poorer than you are, but with this BH you’ll make sure that they carry 100 more caps. It’s in Vault 114, Park Street Station. Nick Valentine is kept in the Overseer’s office, and the BH is right there too, on the desk. I got there for the quest ‘Unlikely Valentine’.

Strength. Another +1 for you feel like carrying more weight. This BH is in the Mass Fusion Building, lobby desk: look for the metal wall sculpture, above it.

Unarmed. Last but not least, a +25% crit damage with unarmed attacks, for when you feel like slapping your foes. It’s in the Atom Cats Garage, main warehouse, on the hood of the rusty car.

Happy hunting!