Written by Avatar Aang

Frozen in ice and trapped by the Earth

                               My state of being was absolute

                                             Then two figures from the water tribe found me

                                                                         And gave me hope that I could be

                                                                        The Avatar and restore balance

Full of humility and uncertainty

With Appa by my side to guide us through

My journey began anew

It wasn’t long before I began to notice your kindness abound right through your eyes

Your faith in me gave me more than strength, but a peaceful reminder of your grace unkempt

To fly above the clouds and hear your heartbeat aloud was a freedom unknown

As we travelled from the four nations and battled the fire nation, I saw your inner strength, your kindness and sincere spirit

There was nothing I couldn’t ask you or hide from you, except maybe my feelings for you

That time when you asked me if we should kiss to find our way out of the cave, my cheeks blushed red and my heart hopped a beat

The rhythm ebbed and flowed like your water bending feats

It had been long and dangerous and amazing, and I knew we would always be family

But, I also knew I had grown to love you as more than a friend

And so I wanted to say,

                                     I love you, Katara, until the end

Korrasami Poetry

Blossoming roots

Written by Avatar Korra

Republic City is like a golden flower of renewal and hope         BEGINNING

It dances in the night and graces the stars with its glimmering height     FLOWING

As I became known, the four elements buzzed through every corner            GROWING

Sweeping into my core; chakras hummed and whistled solemnly             LISTEN

My life changed so fast and my fears strengthened                   ACCEPTANCE                    

But with Asami as a friend, I could be free                PEACE

We hadn’t known, not for a long time what we would come to mean to each other


When I left, I was so broken and lost, I never thought I would find myself again or if I would be the same person I was


But, hearing your voice and knowing you were living; feeling your support meant everything to me


When I saw you again after all that time, my whole body buzzed with joy and my skin grew goosebumps


My mind became clear and told me what was dear. So, when you mentioned a vacation, there was no better time to go on a first date


Seeing your excitement as we strolled through the spirit world made me smile

I wanted nothing more than to stay there with you

Until time became nothing but its own illusion

But, the city came calling

And now here we are; rebuilding Republic City and restoring balance

Bet you never thought you would see me writing a poem

Well, here it is, just for you.