Written by Angel

When I saw her that day

Against the Sun

Blinding me, she blinded me                          DEATH WASN’T MY MASTER

Not with her there; temptation near

Only a glimpse through the glass of black 

Toiling my cold body                                  SUFFOCATING WITH SOMETHING NEW

I stepped in Sunnydale

Keeping to the shadows; it was clarity of her heart

Rich and pure                                                     MANIFESTING HUNGER

I couldn’t think too much, as I knew she would become an obsession

So, I savoured the darkness and the nothingness of me

Until The Master rose, his blood lust set me free            OUTWARD INTO LIFE

I met her as the slayer and when her eyes met mine

Her being was glowing, then I knew

Happiness isn’t an expression                                    REFLECTION OF PEACE

As we fought from that day

A voice in my head told me

It didn’t matter if my existence ended here                   CLARITY OF END

I had found someone who saw me as a person

And that person was Buffy.

Source: fanpop.com

Time Lord Poetry

A Long Life

Written by The Doctor

Eyes opening, orange skies warmed my skin. Such as it was then, my friend’s laugh relaxed my face into a smile. We had no need to contemplate the future. It would arrive and we would exist within it. Nothing more. But, then I joined the Academy.

It bored and alluded me. Through time, I dreamt and sang the old songs in my sleep. The science flowed within me until I could theorise no more. I had learned all I could. Time for me to move forward.

So, I borrowed a TARDIS. Now, lots of people stay I stole her. But, if the intention is to travel with her for a certain and calculated amount of time, you can’t really call it stealing. My intentions never stretched far in those days. I guess, they still don’t.

But, anyway, I borrowed, alright, I stole, a TARDIS and ran away.

Flippety-flop, jiggery-jop, off I ran to boomary-bop! Raggery-rop and staggery-stop, leaping from the time and space top. Sprinting, leap and crunching through stomping. The stars by my shoulders. Dying and beginning in a cycle of energy.

Falling to Earth, the blue, green hue. I settled my feet because it was new. Exploring the humans and all they could do. I began to feel they wished I would shoo. But, then my granddaughter, Susan, wanted to learn. So, I send her to school and went for a stroll.

Many a times, I could feel the Earth breathing with every living being. Until too many heartbeats bled in my ears. But as more and more aliens and monsters arrived with horrid intent, those heartbeats became the reason I wept. For there became less and less life, I just couldn’t bear.

I travelled with friends to teach them. To expand their minds and hearts with no end. But, I was the beacon of danger and fear. They wouldn’t allow me to accept this and I told them so. None of it mattered when I heard their screams die low.

In the end, they left and moved on with new lives. I was just glad they were had a chance to thrive. So what had I learnt from my friends? At first, it was difficult to answer the question. But, when I found it, I knew it was right.

To love and defend. Have faith in others until the end. Trust and nurture the best of my hearts and never give up on the hope of the stars.

Source: fanpop.com