The next Final Fantasy 14 expansion, Endwalker, has now been announced and is due for release sometime during fall 2021. Feel free to watch the trailer above for a glimpse of what is to come. The new expansion continues the story following the Warrior of Light after their return from the first, as they battle to avoid the end of all life in the source. In Endwalker, the level cap will be raised from 80 to 90

Some of the additions currently confirmed are: New zones including Garlemald, Thavnair, and the city of Radz-at-Han. It has also been announced that the player will be able to visit the moon, although it hasn’t been confirmed if this is an explorable area, a city or a dungeon/ raid. A new job has also been confirmed – Sage – which is a healer class. You can watch the job reveal trailer below:

Entinien has been confirmed as joining your trust allies in the new expansion and the new residential district in Ishgard which players have been busy restoring will also go live. New dungeons and a new high-difficulty raid, Pandaemonium, has also been confirmed. Relaxing fun has been announced in an island sanctuary and some updates to the Gold Saucer.

These additions are accompanied by the usual updates of new gear and crafting recipes and a new tribe, the Arkasodara. The current expansion Shadowbringers has proven very popular with existing and new players alike and Endwalker looks set to continue that trend.