Eorzea’s Moonfire faire event started on August 7th and is now in its final week. The quest starts on the Upper Decks in Limsa Lominsa and will take you to the Costa Del Sol. In exchange for completing the event’s main quest line, you will be given a new summer themed outfit. The main quest will give you a choice of either pitting yourself against the event’s main attraction which is an aerial obstacle course, perfect for those adrenaline junky adventurers, or you can instead kick back and either fish or cook your way to success.

Completing the event’s main quest line will reward the following outfit, modelled in the image below *trousers not included* rather bizarrely:

Moonfire Hachimaki

White Moonfire Happi

Moonfire Tabi

Further rewards are then available for continuing to complete the challenges after the main quest is completed by collecting faire tickets which can then be redeemed at the event’s vendors. There are many more goodies to collect with four masks, two further tops and three housing items up for grabs.

White Painted Moogle Mask

Black Painted Moogle Mask

Painted NamazuMask

Red Moonfire Happi

Black Moonfire Happi

Portable Pool

Windchime Stand

Moonfire Faire Advertisement

You have until August 26th to complete the event quests and collect your prizes, so get jumping, cooking or fishing, if you haven’t done so already.

While I have enjoyed all the FF14 events so far, this one is my favourite, to date, as it gets you doing something a little different to the regular strand FF14 gameplay, and while this game was not really made for jumping puzzles, I still found it a very enjoyable experience.