If you are one of the many gamers unable to get hold of a PS5 and you were eagerly awaiting the promised Yuffie DLC for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake then here’s another disappointment for you, as it is only going to be available for those with a PS5 console. Players who bought the FF7 remake will be getting a free upgrade to the new Intergrade version which gives enhanced new gen gameplay for PS5. However, the intermission DLC is separate and won’t be included or even available on the PS4. It seems hard to see the logic in not making DLC available on the platform the game originally launched on. Especially considering the current PS5 console supply issues.

The new DLC Intermission will add two new chapters featuring Yuffie attacking Shinra in Midgar. It will also add new story content and bosses. For those of you who do have a PS5 and purchase the Intergrade version, the new DLC is free but will have to be downloaded separately from the PSN store. Intergrade is coming to PS5 on 10 June 2021.