The weekly dose of new Star Wars TV spots continues with one focusing very strongly on John Boyega’s character. What is interesting about it, aside from new footage with Finn reluctantly following Captain Solo into action and BB-8’s artful dodge, is also a duel of a lightsaber versus new melee weapon wielded by a stormtrooper.

We haven’t had this kind of thing in Star Wars very much so far, and perhaps this is a way to deal with the lack of lightsaber combat (after all, there are not that many lightsabers around, and most fans would like to see as much lightsaber combat as possible; it’s iconic). The words of Obi-Wan Kenobi from A New Hope spring to mind, about weapons for more civilized days, not as random and clumsy as blasters. I am not sure about civilized days, but I have always thought that Star Wars was originally meant to be much more about close combat than about firing blasters. Here, we see at least some more of that.

If you missed the rest of The Force Awakens TV spots, you can find them linked here and also the previous short one from this week is here.