On February 27th 2015 Leonard Nimoy passed away. I have struggled with writing an article only remotely related to Mr Spock or Leonard Nimoy ever since, because I felt uncomfortable with what had felt like an exploitation of the death of a grand actor. Now however the time feels right to let you know about a wonderful project, an homage to Leonard Nimoy.

Adam Nimoy, Leonard Nimoy’s son, has started a big project. “For the love of Spock” was to be a collaboration between father and son, a tribute to a long standing character of Star Trek. Who has ever played the same character for almost 50 years? This is outstanding. Adam Nimoy – who never liked Star Trek – approached his father about this project, and both agreed that close to the 50th anniversary of “The Cage” the time was right to start this journey together.

“For the love of Spock” will tell the story of Mr Spock throughout the years, about the development of the character, and about Leonard Nimoy’s incredible artistry. Planned as an objective take on the subject, Adam Nimoy has been encouraged by many people engaged with the project, to add his own perspective.

Unique still photographs and film clips of Mr Spock, interviews with his friends, family and colleagues as well as Star Trek artifacts – some of which have not seen the light of day for nearly fifty years – will be important parts of the film. 455 Films, namely producers David Zappone, Kevin Layne and Joseph Kornbrodt, will help produce “For the love of Spock”. Leonard Nimoy chose the company because they are familiar with the Star Trek universe and have worked with all important players from Star Trek over the years. Zachary Quinto – Mr Spock in J. J. Abrams Star Trek reboot – will be narrating in the documentary.

I feel that this movie will be something very unique, something personal and informative. A tribute to an amazing character and a grand artist. So I sincerely hope that many of those who have enjoyed Star Trek will help to start this project.

To support the creation of this documentary about the lives of Leonard Nimoy and Mr. Spock, which will also be a personal look at the life and career of Adam Nimoy’s father before, during, and in-between the Star Trek years please visit Kickstarter and donate. There is only 15 days left – so go there and help this awesome project of the grounds.

You can also follow the project on www.fortheloveofspock.com, on Facebook and Twitter.