Can’t wait for Sunday? Here’s your child-friendly way of shortening the time until the first episode of Season 5 is finally on air. The concept: Why not play the Game of Thrones with a round of musical chairs? Aimed at five year-olds, this little sketch is utterly funny for grown-ups as well. Your usual Sesame Street characters are easily recognisable, and at least I had that warm, fuzzy, nostalgic childhood feeling while having to laugh hard at the names (Grover Bluejoy) and the quotes, like Robb having “a wedding to attend to” or Grover’s “I’m sorry, it looks like you choked, Joffrey”.

The sketch is a really nice goodie for both Game of Thrones as well as Sesame Street lovers and is suitable for both adults and kids. The Sesame Street key principles – simple humour with a bit of education – meet some subtle (and not so subtle) jokes for adults, so in my eyes it is an adoring little sketch to pass some time waiting for the “real thing”.

For me, the Sesame Street Parody captures the essence of Game of Thrones in a really loveable way, without any blood, splatter or sex, being totally kid-friendly while still being really good entertainment for adults as well.