Glittering gold against dark melted steel. And between jewellery, costumes, weapons and armour you can see the Iron Throne. The famous travelling exhibition is coming to Berlin, Germany, in May 2015. And best of all it’s the free access to the exhibition. You only have to order your tickets beforehand – conveniently online (click here) But you have to be quick! There won’t be much time to visit because the doors of the exhibition only open two weekends in May, the 12th/13th and 16th/17th. Over 70 original props from the Game of Thrones series will be on display – not only  out of the first 4 Seasons but also a few brand new exhibits from Season five. In a virtual 4-d simulation called “Ascend the Wall”, the visitor hast the chance to see the black castle and the wall itself. Besides the popular Iron Throne, you will also see a lifelike white wanderer as well as a model of a dragon. And there is even more to discover. The exhibits hold many of the props and jewellery which were used in the series, like the Golden Hand of Jamie Lannister or the insignia of powers worn by several characters during the episodes. They also display the magnificent robes worn by royalty and upper-class – the wedding dress of Sansa Stark and that of  MargaeryTyrrell, the clothes of Oberyn Martell, King Joffrey and those of his mother, Cersei Lannister. The rough clothing worn north of the Wall reflect the climate which awaits us when winter is coming. In the picture above we can see the costumes of Ygritte, Jon Snow and Tormund Giantsbane. And because violence and spoiled blood is one of the central themes in the Game of Thrones series, both armour and weapons are a must have. Like the ones of Brienne of Tarth, which were specifically produced for the series like many others.