Gary Erskine is a veteran British comic book artist that started his career at Marvel UK illustrating Knights of Pendragon before moving over to 2000 AD to chronicle the adventures of Judge Dredd. He has worked for nearly every major comics publishers including DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics and Marvel. Fans are most familiar with his work on WildStorm’s THE AUTHORITY and Vertigo’s WAR STORIES and THE FILTH, written by Garth Ennis and Grant Morrison .

While working in Glasgow’s Forbidden Planet comic shop, he sent examples of his artwork to Marvel UK, who gave him his first professional comics work as the artist on the original Knights of Pendragon miniseries.  He has illustrated for eighteen years and contributed character designs and storyboards for television, commercials and games development, working with various companies including DC and Marvel Comics, Dark Horse, Virgin Comics and Titan Books. He has also worked on licensed properties such as Star Wars, Terminator, The Mask, Dreamworks characters (including Shrek and the animals of Madagascar) and for Sony.  Most recently he has completed Dan Dare for Virgin Comics, written by Garth Ennis.

He is now working with his wife on the Roller Girls project. Set in the roller derby community, it is a story of the girls on the team and their daily challenges with life, part drama, part soap. With the current market eating itself up with superhero/crime/horror genre books, he felt a departure was needed and are looking to audiences outside comics who maybe wish for something more based in reality. There is already sketchbook available and more can be found here.