As of tomorrow, 28 September 22, the new 3.1 update for Genshin Impact will be live. This will add a new desert region and will extend the archon quest line. This release will coincide with Genshin Impact’s second anniversary with some additional events planned to celebrate the milestone. A new pet and 20 free wishes will be available throughout the celebrations and all you have to do is log on for seven days during the event to claim them.

3.1 will contain four limited character banners, the first two will be for Cyno (new) and Venti (Rerun) beginning at the 3.1 release, which will also include Candace (a new 4 star character). Pre installation is already available for PC, if you want to ensure you are ready to go. Although, with the UK release being at 4am on 28th you would have to be extremely keen to be logging on then. Feel free to check out the 3.1 trailer above and the character trailers below for more details.