As well as a whole new nation and a new playable element, dendro, the very first banner in 3.0 has added a new character. Tighnari is a 5 Star bow and dendro user and is the first available 5 star dendro character in the game. So, is he worth pulling for? Well, there are a few things to consider.

First is that it has already been announced that from 3.1 Tighnari will be added to the standard banner’s 5 star roster. This means that from 3.1 any failed 50/50s on a limited banner might result in receiving him. However, the chances are not great. Your chance on pulling a specific standard 5 Star character on a failed 50/50 will be dropping from 1/5 to 1/6 and that does not even account for luck. For example, I have had four failed 50/50s, three out of the four gave me Jean which means I am still missing three of the five standard characters. Even the pulls on the standard banner have gone the same way, for me, leaving my Jean at C4 in total. My advice then is, if you think he fits your team or if you like him as a character then you would be advised to pull now, as there are many reports of players not getting their most wanted 5 star standard character after a year or more of play.

The second thing to consider is that Tighnari’s play style is quite heavily dependent on charged attacks. With a bow user, this means needing to be able to aim effectively to get the most out of his DPS potential. If your set up is not conducive to aim shots, then he may not function as well for you. This is made even more important by the fact that, unlike many other bow characters, Tighnari is a main DPS which means he does not contribute well to party DPS unless active. It also means you would need to level up all three of his talents rather the just the two needed for a support/ sub DPS.

The third thing to consider is that Tighnari’s DPS is highly reliant on dendro reactions, which means you will need specific elements for your supporting characters. Electro and Hydro are the best two to have, so you will also need to consider if you have prebuilt characters that fit that bill or if you are willing to level those characters.

The fourth consideration is that his skills specialise in dealing damage to single targets. This means that he does not perform as well against groups of mobs and is better used against a boss or a couple of high HP enemies. A new Venti, he is not.

There are only a few days left for players to make up their minds on whether to pull for him or not as his banner ends in just a few days. I personally, find him an enjoyable character to play. With a good supporting cast, he can do some decent damage. However, a word of warning, his ascension material, Nilotpata Lotus, is not currently found in abundance. I normally have little issue picking materials and getting a character to level 5 ascension before running out and having to wait for respawn but with Tighnari, I was already struggling at ascension 4. His materials are only found in water around Sumeru and are quite spread out and not current found in the numbers of that for existing 5 stars. I am sure that once more areas of Sumeru are released, this will improve. However, for now, I would suggest anyone planning to build him in the near future to start collecting the materials now. You can see what they look like in the image above.

As with my previous character review, I will just reiterate that there is no single required character in Genshin Impact. It is not advisable to pull for a character just because they are new or because they are meta. I would advise anyone thinking of rolling for a character to do the character trial first, even a few times, to see if you like the way the character plays and to consider if you have, or are willing to build, the team they need to shine. There is nothing worse than committing massive amounts of in game resources to a character you later decide you don’t like and just leave benched. It’s not just about the wishes used to get the character, you need to consider the level up and ascension materials, the resin needed to farm and enhance their artifact set, talent upgrade materials and the millions of mora you will need to pay for it all.

I, personally, like Tighnari and I enjoy playing him. However, while he might be the most powerful dendro character out right now, he is also the first 5 Star dendro character released. There will be many more powerful dendro characters to come, so if you don’t like his play style then it might just be worth saving your primos for future character releases.