How often does this happen to you: you want to play a board game, but it takes an hour to prepare and four more to play. Thankfully, aspiring independent game-creators, such as the Drawblack Games team from Prague, are coming up with fast yet entertaining games like Godforsaken Scavengers.

Godforsaken Scavengers is a card game situated in a post-cataclysmic setting. Players take on the role of insectile survivors, separated from their Hive and their Queen. They are caught alone in the dark tunnels, trying to… survive.

In a game which takes about 30 minutes, you move from one location to another, scavenging for resources which will help you overcome the harsh conditions and last until the end. The game is meant for 1-6 players and offers several different scenarios, allowing you to play solo, cooperatively as well as against other players.

The game’s theme is reflected in its system: every round, you must accumulate resources in order to sustain yourself (and, potentially, your fellow players). If you don’t, you starve. Resources come in the form of cards you draw every turn. You may choose to draw more cards if you wish to hog more resources, but the more you scavenge, the greater the risk of drawing a card that will afflict you in some bad way. The more you get afflicted, the more difficult the game becomes, and you may end up caught in the vicious circle of pain, insanity and starvation. Sounds about right, huh? With the rules, setting and design put together, the flavour of the game might really take you in, feeling like a helpless insect.

According to the authors, Godforsaken Scavengers is not really meant to be the type of game for high-class strategists, where you can plan your way three rounds in advance and such strategizing takes more time than the actual play. It is a game where you need to improvise in the specific circumstances and situations, and decide whether you are willing to take risks or not – and how far are you willing to go.

The Drawblack Games have already run a successful fundraising campaign for the Godforsaken Scavengers on Kickstarter. The campaign is still going on, however, and by contributing you can get yourself a copy of the game as well as help reaching another of the stretch goals. The creators have promised more gameplay options, unique playable characters, and a short game intro comics. And, of course, those who contribute more get their hands on some extra rewards.

Godforsaken Scavengers‘ campaign runs until 15th November. If you feel like the grim setting or the fast-paced gameplay are for you, if you want to expand your collection of easily transportable games or just feel like supporting the enthusiastic aspiring game makers, go ahead and see more for yourselves.