Exciting news for all you Gwent fans out there. CD Projekt Red have announced the close beta will launch in September 2016, which is mere months away. To be in with a chance of being selected for the beta, you just need to sign up here.

For those of you who you who haven’t come across Gwent, it started off as a side game in The Witcher 3 and proved so popular that it’s now spawned its own title. The game involves building a deck in one of four factions to battle against opponents. In the Witcher 3, this was limited to AI opponents, but in this standalone game, you will be able to battle online and join tournaments. There is also a single player mode in development but it has been confirmed that the early beta will be focused on online play.

If you can’t wait until September to get a piece of the Gwent action then you can start building decks, right now, through the Gwent database, which can be found here. You can also explore the decks made by other people and each week a new deck will be spotlighted which could even be yours.

I’ve taken a good look and I’m really excited. The new card art looks great and the mechanics have been strengthened and best of all Roach has a card, too. I think it’s about time she got recognised. Where would Geralt be without his trusty steed?

This is a game that I’m really looking forward to and I’m crossing all my fingers and toes in the hope I’ll get and invite. Of course, if I do I’ll share all my findings with you guys.