I firmly believe that film scores are the operas of our times, and coming from an Italian is saying something. A film score takes you through a journey, regardless if you have seen the movie or not. As a writer, I find that having a film score in the background helps me focus, while at the same time it inspires and affects the development of a scene.

Hans Zimmer is one of these composers whose powerful scores have transformed movies for decades. He has been composing for movies, TV and games since 1979. The actual discography lists is huge – hundreds of tracks and albums. Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman, Prince of Persia, Captain Phillips, Transformers, The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Madagascar, someone-stop-me-please-I-could-continue-all-day….

Zimmer’s first European tour had an extraordinary success, so he set up on the road again to present the first US tour and another European tour.

For us in Scotland, the chance to see Hans Zimmer will come on the 18th of June, at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow. We’ll be sure not to miss it.

If you love his music as much as we do, find out where and when is your nearest gig – you won’t regret it!