Yes, we do like to celebrate – you probably have noticed by now.

The SFFN is driven by the enthusiasm of its editors and their respective NetCons, for everything sci-fi and fantasy, and by you, our readers and Giveaways’ darers, who keep coming back for more. Really, we couldn’t survive without each other.

So on this 3rd mensiversary, I would like to thank our many wonderful NetCons and hard-working editors, which you have come to love and follow so much:

Joel Cornah, our Doctor Who Editor (a bit of a 13th Doctor actually); Dani Gutsch, the Queen Editor of Star Trek; Alex Kratochwill, the Editor of Darkness and Vampire Extraordinaire; Elena Krysova, our Gaming Editor and Mistress of Consoles; Sven Weber, the man who dress us all, King of Cosplay’s catwalks; and me…something something…of something evil overlord…

Of course, the hidden players that keep the ball rolling and deserve our constant thanks and praise, Claire Leonard and Dee Lunn.

Finally, the cast wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Jay Johnstone, the man who woke up with THE idea, ‘Let’s go on a magnificent adventure through fantasy and science fiction!’ he said. ‘Who’s with me?’

We’ve accomplished much in 3 months: we turned into reporters, gained press access (a first for all of us), interviewed amazing writers, illustrators and actors. And we are ready for more.

So once again, a massive thank you, faithful reader – we’ll keep on going.