To the woods! … And the hobby store …


1 long, thick dry branch for the handle (almost as tall as you are)

1 bunch of dry thatch for the broom

Sheets of sandpaper

1 large tub of transparent varnish

1 large tub of dark varnish

1 large hobby egg made of polyester

Wired ties for the thatch

Old rope to cover the wires

Gold/silver paint to write the name on the handle and a small brush


Once I found the right branch and the thatch, I had to let them dry for three weeks, to make sure they were really dry and would not rot. I cleaned the branch and the thatch, then I sanded the wood to make it smooth like a broom handle.

Once ready, I used the two varnishes. I did 5 layers of transparent varnish, waiting for it to dry after every coat. Then I used the darker varnish. The wood’s own colour and the two types of varnishes, create beautiful effects and make each handle unique.


Next, I needed to shape the broom. I laid several layers of thatch around the egg, keeping both ends together with wired ties. After 3 layers, I was happy about the shape. I used rope to cover the wires and make the broom look old, before using the dark varnish to coat the thatch and the rope.


Once the varnish dried, I used the coloured paint and small brush to name my broom.

And there it was, my very own flying broom. Up!

Linda Krol is a 32 year old cosplayer from the Netherlands, with a passion for prop making.
Linda studied fashion in school and started roaming the cosplay scene in 2008. Her main character is the 11th Doctor, although she can turn into Osgood in a heartbeat.

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